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African Experience (Trade Edition)

African Experience (Trade Edition)

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A Guide to Modern Safaris
by Craig Boddington

No other continent on earth has as many varieties of big game and as much diversified terrain as Africa. It can also be said that no other continent has seen as much upheaval as Africa in the last 50 years. In this book Boddington takes us through the safari industry as it emerged after WW II, rose to its zenith in the 1960s, declined in the 1970s, and yet again resurrected itself into a full-blown renaissance to become the vibrant and vital part of game conservation that it is today. Throughout Craig Boddingtothe description, Boddington gives us an in-depth analysis of the safari industry and explains where it came from and where it is going to in the years to come. Boddington takes the reader from the glory days of Kenya to the reopening of Chad-and everything in between-covering all countries open to hunting and virtually all big-game animals. Whether the Big Five is your ultimate goal or whether your interest is duikers, pygmy antelope, or "just" buffalo and kudu, you are bound to find a wealth of information that will help you plan and focus your next safari in the right area and country. Boddington's expertise will also help you figure out what to try for and what to leave aside, how to stretch your money into more hunting, how to plan a trip in a methodical and intelligent way, and what to do and what to avoid-he even has a chapter on safari manners! Interwoven into this indispensable reference work are fascinating anecdotes and the history of the safari industry-all written by a man who has been on more modern safaris than just about anybody! Lavishly illustrated with color photos throughout, African Experience gives a great visual overview as well as a factual one. This is a book you will want to refer to again and again!

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2002 Long Beach, 302pp, color photos, 6×9, hardcover, dj

ISBN: 978-1-57157-252-3

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