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American Hunting Rifles II (Ltd) *Very Few Of these Limited Editions Remaining*

American Hunting Rifles II (Ltd) *Very Few Of these Limited Editions Remaining*

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Limited Edition. 500 Copies available. Signed and numbered by Craig Boddington. 

Their Application in the North American Game Fields for Practical Shooting

At long last, the expanded edition of American Hunting Rifles is now available. This companion volume to Boddington's highly acclaimed Safari Rifles was first published seventeen years ago, and since then much has changed in North America in regards to hunting rifles, calibers, optics, and ammunition. North America has some of the most diverse hunting conditions of any continent on earth, from the ever-frozen Arctic, where a badly prepared rifle will utterly fail, to some of the world's hottest deserts, where rifles will have to withstand extremes at the other end of the spectrum. This ultra-comprehensive book covers all the rifles, calibers, and accessories you will need for javelina in Texas, brown bears in Alaska, and all game in between. Long-range shooting, the magnum calibers (short and long), scopes, shooting aids, and all other considerations are covered in this book in a clear, concise, and well-organized manner. It does not matter whether you hunt whitetails on the East Coast or elk in the Rocky Mountains, this book covers all game animals and all forms of terrain-and it shows in the page count! In addition, the revised edition contains a lengthy survey and interview section on what North American guides think should be your rifle, caliber, and equipment of choice. Remember they have seen it all and know what works and what does not. Their cumulative experience runs deeper and wider than any other group in our sport. This is a book you will refer to again, and again, and again. Nearly all images in this revised edition are in color.

by Craig Boddington
2013 Long Beach, approx 475pp, color photos, 6×9, hardcover.
Volume 17 in Safari Press's Classics in Sporting Firearms Series.
1st edn, limited to 500 signed, numbered, & slipcased copies.
ISBN: 978-1-57157-436-7

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