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Boddington on Elephant with Ivan Carter (DVD)

Boddington on Elephant with Ivan Carter (DVD)

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DVD, running time 2hours and 30 min.

Those who have seen the Boddington On Buffalo 1 and 2 know that these movies are an interesting mix of educational and action footage. The producers have kept to this well-proven concept, but they have taken a radically different subject matter—the world’s largest land animal. Boddington on Elephant shows us tactics and gives us advice on how elephants are to be hunted, and it entertains us with good, well-filmed field footage of hunters in action.

It has to be said that this movie would not be what it is without the excellent elephant footage of elephant guru Ivan Carter. Carter lives in Zimbabwe, has filmed phunts for more than six years, and has even sold some of his footage to National Geographic. Boddington himself has switched focus in the last several years of his safari hunting and has determinedly hunted the African elephant in three countries—Tanzania, Botswana, and Namibia. The combination of Boddington and Carter guarantees you a superb product. There is extremely interesting historical footage of safaris from right after WW II as well.

Because the movie is a huge production, it was made into a two-disk package. Disk I contains 1 hour and 45 minutes of the best elephant hunting footage we have ever seen. This disk is chock-full with multiple close-up hunts that should be watched in one setting, and there is not a boring moment in it. There are multiple, in-your-face, close-up hunts as well as numerous elephant charges that are up close and very personal. Disk II (2 hours 30 min) contains all the technical elements of an elephant hunt: why hunt elephant, the golden age of elephant hunting, elephant conservation, guns and loads for elephant, shot placement, preparing for the ivory trail, elephant biology and herd dynamics, elephant country today, the art of tracking elephant, elephant behavior, trophy assessment, taxidermy. All these are set up as separate chapters so that you can chose what you want to see and pick and choose the sections.

This is a movie that you will want to watch and are going to watch more than once. Guaranteed! There are no commercials in this movie.