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Favorite Rifles And Cartridges (Trade Edition)

Favorite Rifles And Cartridges (Trade Edition)

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by Craig Boddington

2021 Long Beach, 316pp, color photos, 6x9, hardcover

Almost everyone who is interested in hunting rifles has read a book on the subject by Craig Boddington. He has written about everything from iron-sighted elephant rifles built for shots of 40 yards or less to long-range varmint rifles made for sniping prairie dogs at 400 yards.  But what guns and calibers are his own personal favorites? Which ones does he reach for again and again?  This is something very few people knew—until now.

In his latest book, Craig walks us through each and every one of his personal favorites, from his go-to varmint rifle to his beloved deer rifle to his trusty buffalo killer. Unlike most of his rifle books, this one focuses on just eight calibers and eight rifles. Mind you, his favorite rifles are not always chambered in his favorite calibers, as has happened to all of us.

In this concise book you will learn why he prefers what some may think of as plain-vanilla calibers, and you’ll discover that his favorite rifles are not all super-expensive pieces of gunsmithing art from high-end makers.  In fact, some of his favorite rifles are out-of-the-box models made right here in the USA. Of course, Craig has done the work necessary to ensure each rifle is optimized to shoot at its very best, taking special pains with the trigger, bedding, and telescopic sights.  There are, however, some very fine rifles made by one of America’s top gunsmiths.  Craig’s “favorites” list contains all sorts of actions, including a classic double rifle, one with a great and illustrious history.

As for calibers, Craig likes his rifles to pack a good punch in order to make a quick kill, but do not expect to see discussions of calibers that generate enough foot-pounds to upend a Russian tank.  Like any other sensible hunter, Craig is interested in keeping the fillings in his teeth, and his caliber choices are eminently practical.