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Hunting The Spiral Horns-Sitatunga- The Sly, Shy, Secretive One Edited by Peter Flack

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This is the fourth in the five book series covering all the spiral horns – eland, giant eland, kudu, lesser kudu, nyala, mountain nyala, bongo, bushbuck and sitatunga – which are divided into 30 species and subspecies taking into account all the spiral horns recognized by both Rowland Ward and SCI. This is also the second biggest of the four books and the forest or western sitatunga chapter, the second longest in the book, which is nearly 370 pages long and contains 454 colour photos and 36 black and white ones. Nineteen contributors have written brand new pieces for the book and it may well be the best of the books in the series thus far. It certainly succeeds in its goal of being THE definitive book on hunting sitatunga.

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