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Accurate Rifle...And Rifleman

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by Craig Boddington

374pp, line drawings, color photos, 6x9, hardcover, dj
ISBN: 978-1-57157-469-5
It was Townsend Whelen who said, "Only accurate rifles are interesting." This must be one of the great truisms of the rifle-shooting world. While there certainly are a great many experienced riflemen in the USA today, few can match Boddington's experience with the variety of calibers, actions, makes, and bullets that he has shot over the last three-plus decades. That experience is why this book is such an important contribution to the literature of the hunting/shooting world.

Starting with the barrel, Boddington steps us through every single element that makes an accurate (or not so accurate) rifle. These elements include the different actions; stocks, bedding, and vibrations; good-quality triggers and how to control them; the variables in cartridge design; factory ammo; handloading for serious accuracy (by Paul Massaro); the accuracy of the various bullet designs; breaking-in a rifle; how to clean a rifle; open sights; and scopes and mounts. Boddington delves into good shooting positions; rests; how to shoot long range, and a host of other serious topics that will improve your shooting with a rifle. Ultimately, he discusses the single biggest factor of all as far as accuracy is concerned-the human element.

Nobody will shoot all brands of rifles, all different calibers, and all types of bullets, and nobody will experience all the different circumstances that one can encounter in the field or on the bench. With his experience, Boddington comes close. There are darn few people on this earth who have gathered as much experience with sporting rifles for all these elements as he has. Boddington must rank as one of the most knowledgeable authors who currently write on the subject.

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